Monday, January 9, 2012

Fertile grounds

I have what could only be called a fertile imagination or maybe that is a fertile sub-conscious?

I had an interesting dream that would best be left to die an unnatural death as my conscious overrides the insanity of it all. Despite my better judgement, I will recount it - maybe there is something worth reading within this miasmic discourse.

Well, here goes:
      I dreamt that I was hanging out with Tom Waits at his modest home in the middle of nowhere.  Sort of a country town with each plot taking up about a sixth of an acre. Metal fencing segregated each plot and seemed to be relatively quiet, although how I could determine that while I was inside is anyone's guess. For whatever reason I decide to go outside and trudge the neighbourhood.  It is at this point that I notice people coming out / appearing on the dirt roads that surround the house.  I try to act naturally as I decide to do a circuit rather than turn around showing fear.  The people turn out to be Puerto Rican gang-bangers with tattoos and aggressive hairstyles. They sort of remind me of the gangs from GTA San Andreas, but they're more real.  They see some fresh meat (me) and confront me as I rationalise that somehow Tom Waits is one of their compadre's and therefore if I somehow express that I'm Tom's friend they'll let me go. I can't speak Spanish so I resort to singing, growling and gesturing in a style as close to Tom's as possible.  This does not work and I run.  Suddenly I'm in a resort-style mansion talking to a Columbian crime boss who orders a hit on me by one of his guards.  I escape by weaving between the pillars as bullets are fired at me. Once outside I'm on a beach where I spot a chip being placed inside a head inside a metal briefcase. I run over and hide behind an upturned rowboat while all of the people around me are shot. I then pick up the briefcase and escape in a dune buggy while using the case as a shield.

    I apologise to all those who chose to read this.

    I can only guess that it somehow relates to the fact that I recently listened to 'God's Away on Business' by Tom Waits and have been thinking about the 3D technology of engines employed in games such as Half-Life 2. I am ashamed to admit this, but I also watched CSI Miami recently.

    I'm not sure whether this is my brain's attempt to rationalise these notions into one cohesive thought, but it gives some reasoning to my dream. I find when I'm close to the end of my sleep it usually ends up like a computer game.

    Whatever the case, it is fun to have dreams like this.  This is far better than running in quick sand while a monster moves closer or presenting to your class while naked. You can have your nakedness and I'll have my shootouts.