Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Censorship at its best

I read a harrowing article today which I believe could well be the precursor to the 'censorship' of every indie title on the internet.

The essence of this new legislation is that PayPal no longer allows payment to any erotic books about bestiality or incest. Considering my novel, and future novels, are not about tread into those topics, shouldn't allow me to let out a sigh of relief. The repercussions could be quite insidious because if they can censor one style of novel, why not mine? Why not any novel that isn't vetoed under a 'well-defined content policy' (or publishing house)? Insidious, indeed.

PayPal was apparently motivated by 'financial institutions' to enact on this policy. Well played 'financial institutions', well played. I guess I was naive enough to believe that the publishing houses would go the same way as the music industry when it came to a lack of foresight in predicting that their medium would go digital.

I think in the world of digital books I see little reason to involve a publisher. What exactly do they bring to the table? Distribution channels? I think I've got that covered. Marketing? Pshhh! Unless you're a New York Times Bestseller you're not going to get more than a token effort to market your novel. And that I can do ... and am improving day by day. I guess the only way that they can compete is by playing dirty.

I guess all is fair in war and business, but at least war has ethics. This war isn't over yet - blog and post - make sure this is not swept under the rug.

Indies Unite!