Monday, May 21, 2012

Too smart for my own good?

I am the first to admit that I'm not that smart although I am intelligent enough to recognise the games that marketeers play when it comes to twisting your emotional state towards their product. I am horrified by ads like this which on the surface seem so 'nice.' Until you realise it's just a ploy to associate happiness with their product.

Case in point:

This video makes my skin crawl. It sickens me that this ploy could possibly work and, for a lot of people, it will. So the basic premise of the ad is, Hey! Coke is giving away 'free' high-fructose corn syrup with type-two diabetes plus (reactionarily-applied) ritalin for the 'unprovoked' ADD-in-a-bottle for you and your unsuspecting 'friends' (+ bouquets if you're a pretty girl). Obviously their sales quotas are flagging in the 18-25 market, so they're (drug) pushing their product a little harder until their targets are reached.

It all seems quite insidious. And it is.  But only if you think about it.