Friday, November 25, 2011

Yield to hedonism

In conjunction with my previous post on tradition, today is Black Friday.   An unofficial holiday dedicated to the Hedony of retail shopping.  A lot of retailers open in the wee hours of the morning to ensure a bumper sales turnover through discounted products and also being close to Christmas.

Repurposed from Jezebel
I think once you have a big screen, you have a stereo, you have a computer, I find it hard to purchase a new one when the previous one still functions perfectly well.  Is my mindset so foreign that there would be stampedes and fights breaking out just to save a few hundred dollars on some piece of crap product that you don't really want or need?  This article tells of a harrowing ordeal - thankfully I just focussed on my beauty sleep instead of worshipping some false god.

The questions I always ask myself before I purchase a new item is:
Do I want it and do I need it?

If I'm not able to answer yes to both parts of the question, I'll usually hold off.  Sometimes I will still buy it, because, hey, I am human after all.  I might not like that sometimes, but I'm at odds to change it.

As a side note, does anyone remember what Christmas is about? Is it about buying presents?  Is it about eating turkey?  Is it about Santa Claus?  Did you know that Santa's red suit was created by Coca Cola, so the whole red theme is just one giant advert for soft drink.  Did you know that December 25 was originally a pagan holiday to celebrate the Son of Isis (Goddess of Nature).

What we now celebrate is just a perversion towards commercialism, gluttony and narcissism  I'm waiting for the holiday that covers the seven deadly sins - it certainly will be a spectacle if it ever exists.