Monday, April 16, 2012

From Philly to Cali

I love change.

Some people don't but I do. I hate monotony and I hate a life that is too predictable. That is why I am happy to say that I am now residing in sunny California. I posted on my personal facebook account that I was 'off to the home of bad teenage dramas, dogs in handbags, plastic surgery, nose candy and sunshine.' Little did I know that I would actually be living on the outskirts of Orange County (or The O.C. as it was known on that drab TV drama). Thankfully there is also the film called Orange County with Jack Black in it that I will now choose to associate with my present location.

Here he is - Ben McKenzie, eat your heart out.
I can say that I am enjoying my time here (two days and counting), but it's sad that I had to leave all the colleagues I had hung out with in and outside of work. Still, it's all part of growing and learning and adapting (what humans do best). And the best part is meeting new people. So, once again, all is not too shabby within the world of Stephen Herfst.

As an added bonus, the flight attendant notified us with the following upon our arrival into LAX:
"Your luggage can be picked up at carousel B as in Botox"

Welcome to California!