Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Been there done that

At what point does life become an exercise in monotony? I've seen a million babies, I've seen a million sunsets, I've seen a million beautiful vistas, I've tasted a million nice things. 

Sure, there are still differences, but the differences are negligible. I find that there is little new to experience outside of minor revisions to existing things. To me the world has become one of repetition rather than wonderment.

I guess I can still find sources of entertainment, like learning to administer the heimlich or learning the piano or changing a car tyre in one-minute flat, but really, who am I doing this for? I certainly don't need to affirm my ability to learn - I've done that my whole life. I know I am capable of learning the piano (given enough time). I might not be a virtuoso in the end but I won't be terrible, either.

I constantly strive to experience something different, but it is getting a little harder to find something I haven't tried or that doesn't remind me of a combination of things I've already experienced. Any suggestions on where to go for something uniquely different, let me know - I am all ears :) So, what things keep you going?  What things motivate you to wake up in the morning?