Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Left of center

Tom Waits is an interesting guy.

He breaks conventions in two and then proceeds to destroy it further; not just willing to break it, but decimate it.

I'm not sure I can say I like his music, but I do like some of his music. He actually has a lot of skill when it comes to composition and he can actually can hit the notes, although rarely does. He prefers a gravelly cookie monster rendition to singing. Singing might not be the right term to use, but it is still musical. He can sound like Bruce Springsteen sometimes (Hold On), although rarely chooses to.

He truly is an enigma. As he ages, his level of unbridled conviction increases, rather than diminishing - his new stuff improves on his previous stuff. I'm not sure that most people will find him easy on the ears, but he is worth at least noting. His aim, it would seem, is to push convention to the side and focus on the unknown. 

I cannot help admiring him for that.