Friday, December 9, 2011

How to market your <item>

This video details how to market your indie game, but could quite-as-easily be related to any other product that you wish to put your mind towards. The points that he raise are quite interesting and certainly detail the do's and dont's of how to drum up business for your product in question.

One of the interesting points is that he personally believes that buzz has little worth, because interest from buzz is not what a developer wants; it's sales. He believes that once you have a great working product is when you need to get the word out. If you get glowing reviews, then you would want the person who reads that to have the chance to purchase it, rather than sit on their hands waiting in anticipation for the product to finally be released. Wouldn't you?

Obvious statement is obvious.

It seems that the large majority of development houses still fall into the category of hyping something that has yet to be released. Sometimes hype breaks what would be a reasonable game just because the anticipation exceeds what the game can actually deliver. Games like Fable, Spore, Dead Island, Duke Nukem Forever, for instance. None of them benefitted from the hyperbole given to their demo's and spruiking from their lead douches designers.

In the end, a good game will stand on its merits. It will naturally be revered because it is actually a good game, rather than defined by how much buzz was generated pre-launch.