Thursday, March 22, 2012

The definition of Sex Appeal

Ooh yes; a taboo subject: Sex. Yes, I said it. Anywho, it seems like an under-represented topic so I'll put this question to you:

What is Sex Appeal?

Now the typical girl might say they like a clean-shaven guy with long-haired golden locks sprouting poetry, but I know that isn't the real definition. Women are silly because in reality they know they don't want some pansy-ass metro-sexual (unless they are bi). There are studies that have proven that women want the rebel without a cause that hasn't showered for days and has a three-day-old stubble vs the namby pamby weakling that wants to talk about their feelings and the latest Grey's Anatomy.

You might disagree, but if you had some dorky Hugh Grant vs some stubble-face-rubbing rendition of Jason Statham, I know which one you would choose - and it ain't Mr Blithering Englishman (although Jason's also English, but 'ard).

To me, it makes perfect sense. She would want a guy that was distinctly masculine. She would not want a guy that would be able to (accurately) critique and build a matching ensemble to accompany your outfit. She would not want a guy that is in touch with their feelings (outside of the four-letter word). Although she would want a guy that protects her and makes her feel like a million dollars ... and that is it. Correct me if I am wrong. I get more interest if I am unkempt than if I am clean-shaven. It seems ludicrous, but true. I think it's just that women like a guy that they can fix up:

"He would be perfect if he just shaved and wore better shoes and ..."

Sad but true. If they are too perfect (not that I am), they'll not be interested. They will always want something that they can mould and something that they can show off to their friends (post make-over) and state, 'You should have seen him before I met him.' Men are like classic cars in need of restoration and women are the mechanics.