Thursday, March 8, 2012

Musings for your mind

Outside of intellect, training, an ability to stage your story and write believable characters and good dialogue, there is another tool that you need:

Imagination and hard work

There is a website that helps with the imagination part: As for the hard work, you will still have to look to yourself for that.

Upon logging into the site, you are prompted to write for one minute about a single word at the top of the screen. This pushes your mind into neutral, allowing your words to flow freely. By limiting your ramblings to a single minute, it forces your sub-conscious to react to the word. You don't have enough time to formulate something cohesive, but your sub-conscious does. You might think this is useless, but some of my best writing has come from these sub-conscious expeditions. Your ability to write will improve, even if what you write on this site doesn't.

I highly recommend a spending a few minutes a day limbering your mind. Your writing will improve and your readers will appreciate it :)