Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not being pigeon-holed

As part of my 'master plan,' I have decided to write a book that isn't zombie-related. It might have similar themes or concepts, but it won't be about zombies. There is nothing worse than being pigeon-holed now is there?

Yes, this was an image I discovered when searching for pigeon-holed.
Fitting isn't it?

My next novel will be humorous (hopefully) and will still have a strong message that should make it an enjoyable read for those that decide to read it. I will leave this post with a twitter summary of what I aspire to write, although I am still in the process of establishing the set pieces. It's best to prepare, wouldn't you think? :)

"Manic-obsessive fish-out-of-water in the slums of a third-world country"

I think this story has legs. Apologies if the description is a little cryptic - I can't give too much away before the story has even been written!