Monday, March 12, 2012

Quality versus quantity

It took almost three times as much time to edit my novel than it did to write it. Admittedly, the whole process only took four months but I resolved to write my next story with a greater focus on quality than simply words per day.


Does that mean my final story will be less interesting? Will it have lost some of the magic by having a more quality-assured approach to my writing? Will the flow of the novel be lost in the process? I am unsure, since this will only be my second novel. I am weary of devoting all my efforts into writing it correctly the first time.

Whether I focus on quality or quantity, I know that I will have to put my novel through multiple iterations once the final draft has been completed. I think, whether you lean more towards a certain doctrine, you will always pay the ferryman during the editing process. 

...well here's to a less harrowing editing process :)