Monday, May 5, 2014

Banging the drum

Hi there fellow readers and writers. For all those that have not had a chance to read my book, you will soon have your chance! Zed will be going on sale in June 2nd for one week and will be less than a dollar on Amazon (which works out to be a 66% saving and also puts my sanity very much into question). Of course, if  you are still having troubles quantifying the expense, I will put it in terms that make it easier for you to take the plunge.

The purchase of my book is less than:
  • one-third of a Starbucks coffee
  • one-tenth of a movie ticket
  • one-sixtyth of a new-release computer game
  • one-three hundredth of a rescue pet (I know this very well :))

And , with the generosity of your purchase, you will also receive:
  • My eternal gratitude that you have had the chance to read my book
  • The possibility of losing yourself in a world that I created
  • The possibility of enjoying the lighter side of a zombie apocalypse
  • The chance to realise not all zombies are bad ... and many can be quite useful
  • The chance to realise that not all little girls are annoying (well, at least from Zed's perspective)
  • The chance to possibly even learn something along the way (you never know ...)
What a bargain :) Also, if you are feeling extra generous, feel free to spread the word on my book (or blog).

One final note: if you are still reticent to sperlunk 99c on my book, leave a comment below with some form of email address (spammers are evil, ya know) and I'll gift you my book - make sure you tell me what ebook format you want. I would much rather you have the opportunity to experience my story than not. Money is not my objective; readers are so spread the word on that too (if you so wish). Happy reading and all the best to you.