My Review and Rating policy

So alongside these two posts on my review policy and my rating system, I will add the following points:
  • Specify your genre
  • Specify your intended audience
  • Provide a short summary of your book (very important - I did repeat it intentionally)
  • My preferred genres are fiction, science fiction, adventure, philosophical, autobiography, thriller, suspense, horror, noir, murder mystery, young adult (but not too childish), comedic (as long as it is funny)
    ...oh, and YA (Young Adult) Romance, apparently :)
  • You will probably notice zombies and post apocalyptic novels out of the mix. This is intentional. The genre has been done to (un)death, although I hope to breathe some life back into its corpse. 
  • Don't request a review if you don't fall within those categories
  • I will always respond to every email request
  • I reserve the right to refuse your request if I see fit, even if your book satisfies my criteria
  • No rebuttal / re-requests. You will be marked as spam if you do and then I will never hear from you ever again.
  • I strongly support indie writers but that doesn't mean you get a free pass. If you submit your novel, make sure it's up to scratch (little-to-no spelling/grammar mistakes).
  • You can contact me via the following stephen <d|o|t> herfst <a|t> gmail <d|o|t> com
I will review fairly and specifically based on your established genre and intended audience. If you say everyone and I don't like it, then be warned: I might be harsh!

NOTE: You will have no say in the result of my review and no retaliation and/or smear campaign is allowable, otherwise I will sic my chiahuahua on you (not that I have one).