Saturday, February 25, 2012

Angels in the outfield

So, in my plight to educate the world of my novel's existence, I have requested a lot of reviews from various sites and have also received my first request to review a novel. I was chuffed! Someone trusted me enough to be willing to know my opinion of their work. I couldn't say no, despite not actually knowing much about the book or genre in question. Maybe it was ego, maybe it was my belief in karma that made me say yes instinctually.

And so, I am reading a book about Angels that are sent down into the past to inhabit a group if Irish settlers in the 1800's, or as I have described it in my Twitter summary: "Angelic Twilight Assassins' Creed meets Irish Jane Austen". And it is a romance novel.

This is not my genre of choice, I think you should realise (I'm not a teenage girl the last time I checked), so I had to think of a way that I could be true to the book while still being true to myself.

So here is my proposal. I will review almost any genre (within reason), and will simply display an image as my final decision.

So, obviously: read or don't read. No stars, no silliness. Just the cold hard determination of whether you should read this novel, based on its intended audience and genre.

I will also provide a list of pro's and con's as well as a summary of the overall feel of the book.
And that's about it. I will do my best to be constructive while giving this story the respect it should be given.

All I can think now is how far the mighty have fallen: to channel a teenage girl in the pursuit of an objective review.