Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Warning: this site is addictive

I think if this website had existed when I first started reading I would still be in my room reading untold volumes of authors and novels that I would not have discovered through normal means. There should be a warning on the registration page that your life will be changed forever.

In case you're wondering what this website is called, it's Goodreads. It is literary crack.

It integrates with all the big book stores, allows avid readers to recommend books to each other, it allows you to rate books and even interact with your favourite author. It determines which books might be up your alley from the books that you have read - tres bien. It is also a wonderful tool for telling other like-minded readers about your novel. I describe it as a literary social network.

Let me delve a little deeper and I'll post a summary of my discoveries. There will be more to follow ...