Sunday, April 29, 2012

I kid you not

So we took a trip up to LA, Hollywood and Beverly Hills. It was fun to see how the other half live ... and also see a multitude of supercars within the space of about thirty minutes. But that wasn't the highlight of the trip. 

We headed out to Venice Beach and took in the sights and sounds of quite a diverse and varied set of people. I'm not sure whether the 'medicinal marijuana' depots had anything to do with it but I was tripping out. We decided to have a few drinks at one of the few bars on the strip and entertain ourselves by watching the people go by. And that was about the time things got weird. The light was shining in my eyes and, if I looked off into the distance, the distant hills melted into the bright sunlight such that it took on a semi-surreal visage. This was complemented with the introduction of a pretty good three-piece band that was catnip for crazies.

Within a very short period I could see a shirtless wino/acid tripper wearing his bike as a hat, a devil carrying a full-sized crucifixion cross, a Nick Nolte-esque homeless guy and a 'Man, the 70's, man ... yeah' guy on blades all grooving along with each other while I was laughing hysterically. The wino was holding the devils' tail and the devil was creating dance moves with his cross while the 70's guy just smiled and sang along to the song while blading in circles and Nolte shook his arms and tried to keep the beat. Oh, and, I almost forgot; there was a fake clergyman with a fake bible attempting to exorcise the fake devil while all this was going one.

All I can say is, who needs drugs when reality is such a trip?