Monday, April 2, 2012

The top five of ...

Why are our brains so mesmerised by finite lists of 'great' things? Is it that at any given time you always know how many of the list remain? Is it that your brain is appeased by the fact that you will now know what a finite list of the best things is?

Your guess is as good as mine.

...and this segue way leads elegantly into one of my favourite films: High Fidelity. I went into this film not knowing what to expect but by the end of the film I didn't want it to finish (although I was happy that it did). It's funny when I didn't really enjoy the journey but enjoyed the moments and, by the time it finished, realised it was brilliant.

My twitter summary: "Sodden John Cusack reflects on top five things he hates, loves and loathes"

The story revolves around a directionless record store owner that had once aspired to be something but never quite got around to it. Quite early on in the story his girlfriend breaks up with him and he goes through the list of five best/worst break-ups (with his most recent break-up not even getting a mention).  It keeps your interest as he tracks down each of the ex-girlfriends that tore his heart in two. During this meandering introspective look into the world of John Cusack (I should have mentioned he's the protagnoist), he has two unpaid assistants that provide levity to his droll existence, including a stand-out 'debut' performance by Jack Black. This show made him and everything after this has never quite attained the level of humour of his character in this film. I love the nicely played double entendre in the title. Quite fitting and quite perfect the more you think about it.

I won't ruin the punchlines or 'twists' (there aren't any, really), other than to say: watch it to the end and then suddenly come to the realisation that you enjoyed the film.

Extra credits: Read the book this was based upon by Nick Hornby.