Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My guest review is up!

This is my first guest review on 'Z-Strain' by Rutger Klamor over at The Zed Word

Release: November 2011
Twitter Summary: “Ancient demon mythology meets zombie survivalist romantic urban warfare”
Genre: action zombie apocalypse
Intended audience: Adults that like something a little different and enjoys a twisted sense of humor
Violence: Yes
Sex: Yes
Swearing: Yes
Gore: Yes
Fun: Yes

Damien Specter was well realised, his back story was written nicely, moments of brilliance, urban warfare, counter-ordinance to artillery was masterful!, quotable quotes (‘God’s Gestapo force’, ‘Hell was paradise’, ‘She was a devil creeping under a halo’s shadow’), story picks up well as it progresses, the watcher is cool.

Inconsistent tone (gore/humour/humanity/romance), Chains is one-dimensional, misspelling SOCOM (really?), muddy beginning, the Strix is not scary if it only has a 15-foot wingspan, ‘comic book’ sound effects ruin the tone (bang, puff, brrrrr, thump), spelling/grammar-check is missing at points.

    "I began this novel with no preconceived notion of what to expect. Of course I expected zombies, but not the introduction I got. I was ‘welcomed’ instead by a fellow traveler that introduced me to a tale that would pass the time while I drank his ale. This was not the opening I expected, but served as a warning that this story was going to be a little different!"

Read the rest here.