Monday, March 26, 2012

Kony 2012 ...and that uneasy feeling

The power of social media has sent the following video viral and finally there are more virtues to it than simply a cat playing a piano.

The gist of the video's sole purpose is to make the general public aware of Joseph Kony, the leader of The Lord's Resistance Army, that uses child soldiers as part of his army. All quite virtuous, except I couldn't help feeling uneasy about the presenter (Jason Russell). He had a strange way of acting and presenting and then he donned some hipster glasses for when he meets US politicians that just rings as weird. This was all confirmed when he took a public walk down the street, acting like a crazy man while not wearing a stitch of clothing. Whether it was all part of some sort of conspiracy to direct disrepute on him by spiking his wheat grass shot is anyone's guess.

My personal assessment is he is a whack-job, except he's a good-willed one with an admirable goal. Everyone should be made aware of the cause even if the 'esteemed leader' is a little crazy.