Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back-patters unite

It seems Steve Buscemi has expanded his range into shilling for mundane-looking Nokia devices.

I can't believe they were able to pad eight minutes basically saying, we created a plastic case for a phone. I guess, if I thought hard enough, I could spruik the virtues and collaborative energies that went into designing a tic-tac.

Such as:
    "We really moved towards a collaborative design where the virtues of our product were paramount to the satisfaction and intuitive application. Take the white colour. It promotes a simple and clean notion that appeals to the eye and motivates them to pick it up. A lot of consideration went into the texturing. It should feel smooth and sublime when held in your hand, but still retain some tactile friction so that it has a degree of resistance as you caress it in your hand.
    The overall shape of the tic-tac is a work of genius.
    It is cylindrical in shape, but feels solid to the touch. It has a smooth, straight body which entices the handler to reach out and touch it. This is complemented by round ends which promote further touch.  See how your finger rolls naturally over the surface; it feels exciting to hold between your forefinger and thumb. The rounded ends allow smooth application into your mouth, emulating the smooth rounded surface of your teeth. The white shade and shape are implicitly designed with the intention of promoting its application into your mouth. It's a wonder of subliminal imagery.
    The tactile layering of the content is a work of genius.."

And so on. God, I can't believe I just did that. I feel so dirty. The hilarity of this eight-minute video is that they simply created a case. They already had the hardware. Just a matter of creating a case to hold in the stuff they already had and then plonking an operating system by microsoft and they're done.

Or am I missing something?