Friday, November 25, 2011

I object

I am not sure that any mass protest has ever resulted in a major reform of the situation they so adamantly object to. Maybe they think they're standing for reform, but it is only really those in power that have any chance of making a reform. If you are not one of those people, you truly have no power.

Despite the injustice of pepper-spraying some seated non-violent protesters, this is a perfect metaphor for the lack of power they wield in their futile attempt for change.

They can bang their drums, they can occupy the financial districts, they can shout into their mega-phones and the only thing you will see is a blinding lack of change or reform.

I honestly can't think of one situation where a protest has ever changed a situation. Maybe they've postponed it, but only for a short time. The only things that have ever changed are those that have happened to coincide with the general consensus of the population. Having a few thousand people being angry is never it. The only way you change a situation is by actually doing something about it. 

Protesting is not it.

Vote for someone who isn't in it for themselves, or the powers that support this representative, is one way. Although, in modern democracy, it is almost a pointless exercise. For me, personally, it's like choosing which flavour of sh** tastes the best. Either way, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

I think the only thing we have any control of is our own lives. Rather than sitting in the cold in a make-shift tent trying to be angry for weeks about something out of your control, you can do something to better your situation in life. Become financially independent, find something you really want to do, find your source of happiness, run for government - change the world around you from the inside.

This is the only way to make any real change for your future.