Friday, November 18, 2011

Manufactured desires

So many of the celebrities that I see nowadays are formed by the result of a corporate spectre analysing the market and tailoring the look and tone according to analysis, psychology and a desire to make a lot of money. Case in point:

This is marketed to my tastes, my preferred tone and my preferred musical style. The music and video are cynical and heart-felt, with montages of the 'good old days', interspersed with excerpts from cartoons and a commentary on manufactured celebrity through the machinations of the paparazzi. It is a wonder of engineering.

From the trout lips this poor girl wears, to the styling's of a 60's harlot she attempts to convey. Her sound is sort of a mash-up of Kate Bush and Adele. Obviously the words of Adele, the voice of Kate - the opposite would be horrible, but I digress. In preparation for her re-imagined debut, they put her on a diet, changed her face, changed her name, changed her singing style, changed her music. The girl that was once called Lizzie Grant, now goes by Lana Del Rey. She used to look like this ... although I'm unsure whether this was manufactured too.

I am not sure I need to say anything more. I'm at odds to support this heartless desire to take my money, but I'm at a loss not to like it. Their psychology is far too strong.

Note: This article covers far more than I could express: Lana Del Rey.